Aboriginal Financial Officers Association Of Alberta

First Nation and Aboriginal organizations’ are looking to improve upon their existing situations. Improvements require individuals and teams that
understand the importance of developing capacity.


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Aboriginal Financal Officers Association of Alberta Program Benefits & Outcomes

1. Establish an office for AFOA - Alberta for the benefit of membership. The office will provide: Mentorship - Develop & foster working relationship between individuals possessing unique strengths & experience in Aboriginal financial management.

2. Provide opportunities to develop & enhance one’s skill, knowledge & ability to understand all aspects of good & sound financial management. Gather information from membership on relevant topics for conference & workshops.


About Us

Focused on Aboriginal Governance, Management, Accounting and Finance

  Workshops, Seminars and Forums - addressing specific management requirements and community issues, such and governance and capacity development.
Courses - credit courses in partnerships with post-secondary institutions.
Conferences - addressing best practices in governance and providing a forum for changing business, governance and regulatory environments.
Training Services - information and training in management, human resources, leadership, planning, risk management, change management and other management topics.



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